About Hockman Interiors

Interior Design Services and Home Decor in Columbia, Mo to Accentuate Every Style

The interior designers at Hockman Interiors are dedicated to delivering excellence when it comes to home design. Our designers understand the importance of listening to the needs of our clients while offering advice based off of our own expertise and experience. Our ability to work with a wide range of budgets, styles and spaces is what makes us stand out as a full service interior design agency. We look at every space individually. Our design plan differs from client to client because each space already has its own existing character. It is our hope as interior designers to help you reinvent your space.

A Detailed Look of What to Expect from Hockman’s Interior Design Services

The Design Process

Our goal for every client stays the same throughout our design process: We strive to create a customized space by utilizing timeless and modern design trends inspiring our clients while remaining budget friendly.

» Our approach is simple. After doing a quick in-home walkthrough, we can better understand your personal style and how we can make a positive impact within the given space.

» From here, we work with your schedule and determine the most ideal timeline for you. One of the most crucial parts of the interior design process is coming to an agreement on colors, textures and pieces to further highlight your personal style.

We want your space to be a reflection of you, appearing in the form of beautiful decor and well-placed furniture.

As design experts, it is important to create functional spaces to accommodate not only your personal style preferences, but also prove beneficial to your schedule and daily life.

If you would rather do the remodeling on your own, but still would like professional design advice, we’re happy to help! Come into the store with pictures or ideas you have for your space and we can help guide you in the right direction.


High Quality Home Decor, Friendly for All Budgets


Custom Spaces & Timeless Design

Hockman Interiors is here to accommodate your home design needs, no matter your style or budget. Our store features high-quality items, set at varying prices ranges, ensuring there are no limits placed on what we can create together. It is our hope for everyone who walks through our doors feels welcomed and taken care of by the time they leave.

We are proud of the inventory we provide within our store.

» Each featured piece is carefully picked out by our design team from trusted vendors. We have established close connections with our vendors, which in turn has opened doors for custom work and pieces to include in our store.

» It is this uniqueness and exclusivity of featured items that makes Hockman Interiors stand out as a home decor store in mid-Missouri. We don’t focus on one style of home decor. Instead, we keep a variety of pieces to entertain a wide array of tastes and preferences.

Hockman is more than a furniture store. It is a place to create beautiful spaces together in a collaborative fashion with attention to detail while highlighting the personal style of each client.